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    Default Sony Vegas 9 Rendering

    I've recently got Sony Vegas 9, and I'm having a big problem. I'm doing some videos from wmv files, and, to make sure everything was fine, I render my video after my video was about 15-20 seconds of length.

    The rendering was just fine, and very fast. Then, I did it again, when I was around 30ish seconds of length, and all of the sudden, rendering wasn't working anymore. It wouldn't advance at all, and the time remaining simply kept increase, going over 12 hours.

    It's not the amount of effect, or my computer, because I had more effects in the first 15 seconds, then everything. I am wondering what the problem is? All the songs, and clips are fine, because I tested them. I insterted them one by one, and render, and everything was just fine.

    Also, after I go back, and delete the new added part, and it's back at 15 seconds of length, I tried rendering again, but this time, it was NOT working. Honestly this program is really ticking me off. I love what I can do with it, but so far, I've never been able to render any of my videos.

    I have a friend with the same problem.
    Anyone has a suggestions, because I'm getting desperate here, since I've try to do my video over and over again.
    Thank you.

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    First check there is enough space on the disk the render is being saved to.

    have you added a border with soft edges and the "post" toggle to ON (normally on 9 pro), I know that has been an issue with my rendering, only yesterday in fact.

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