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    hello all,
    this is my first post in the forums over here at digital director. you would usually find me in the php or web development forums on other sites. but being a multimedia developer i have found myself editing video.

    what i am doing is cutting scenes together from two camcorders from an awards ceremony we have recently held. what i would like to know is what is the best way to cut scenes together if they do not directly follow on from one another, so it does not look like it is jumping from one section to the next.

    i am going for a smooth flowing look but it is far from it yet? I am using adobe premiere pro cs4.
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    Use a cutaway shot to hide a jump cut.

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    thanks for the reply. but can you give a brief explanation of what you mean by a cutaway shot. i am not up on the lingo used so i will need it in laymen terms. sorry

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    A cutaway is a shot of something related to but outside the main action of a scene. It's a shot that cuts away from the main action to a separate or secondary action - hence its name, cutaway.

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    <p>A cutaway shot is a generic term for footage to be used as a filler. for example when filming a speech, you would normally film the audience too. when you want to cut between clips, you cut first to the footage of the audience and then the next clip. the trick is to overlap the audio, i.e. only use one source, or to mix the audio between the two clips if there is a time lapse.</p>
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    thank you for that very helpful information. i have a couple of shots of the crowd i can use. again thank you for the informative replies and also the speed which they came.

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