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    I currently run a video blog using a Canon MV800i DV cam with internal mic.
    Video quality is fine for the 640x480 and 320x240 versions of the blog I run (YouTube+Podcast), but I have two problems that bug me:

    1) Audio quality. The internal mic is less than ideal, lots of echo where I film my blog, and you can hear the tape mechanism noise a lot. My Canon does not have an external mic socket. This is my main driver for a new system.

    2) Transferring DV to PC is not fun, takes time. I'd prefer a direct MPEG2/4 to SD card.

    I thought about recording the audio to a PC separately, but that's way too much hassle. So it looks like a new cam with external shotgun mic (Rode VideoMic looks good) is in order.

    Unfortunately the wife doesn't want me to spend any money on this, so I need to keep the cost low to sneak it under the radar

    Any advice on any cheap solutions to this?

    Cheapest new SD card cam I can find with external mic is about AU$450 (canon FS100). That's too expensive for my needs I think. Any other options?

    2nd option seems to be a 2nd hand cam from eBay with external mic. Older DV tape ones are in the price range, but I'd prefer SD card and these are more expensive, approaching new prices.

    I don't trust those cheap no-name ebay cams, they look dodgy. But considering I don't need super video quality, are there any half decent ones with external mic socket?

    Would be nice to have a hot shoe on the cam, but I can use a flash hotshoe adapter bracket I guess.

    Any help or advice appreciated.


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    Audio Technica ATR35 lav mic for about 35 quid will help you out with sound quality.

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