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Thread: My second semi-pro wedding montage!

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    Default My second semi-pro wedding montage!

    OK, I guess I must be a glutton for punishment but I just couldnt resist...

    I've recently finished editing a wedding video for some friends of mine. I've uploaded the final highlights montage online and I'd love your feedback.

    Last time I posted a wedding montage you pretty much slaughtered my attempts, but justifiably so. Hopefully I've learned a few lessons this time (slow mo and vignettes and flashy light rays kept to a minimum!) so maybe you will see an improvement? I'm not 100% happy with some of the shots myself and I can see a lot of room for improvement if there is a next time. I havent decided if wedding videography is really for me yet. Do I have a future in this or am I barking up the wrong tree?

    And yes I know the lighting sucks in the first dance, but this is a freebie and I cant afford all that lighting gear yet, particularly as I might not be doing it ever again.

    Anyway, the video is up at

    Laura and Robert's Wedding Montage - YouTube

    or if that doesnt work try:

    Why Vimeo doesnt work in widescreen is beyond me...
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    Hi eternal - camera work has improved greatly since the last one and this looks so much better.
    I watched without the music and suggest you do too. I'm sure the B&G loved it, but my personal cribs are on the cuts, especially from the photo session onwards.
    Same scene cuts with the couple in different positions/location, jar on the continuity and would have benefited from cutaways to guests/watchers while the B&G moved scenes. Either that or a fade down/up if it's really desperate.

    1st dance was dim and maybe a bit of gain would have helped and in the absence of cam lighting was to be expected.
    Much improved though, keep it up!
    My opinions are just that . . . Mine. It's not personal, but is based on my emotional and professional reaction to requested critique. If you choose to ignore constructive comments, I'll just assume you're a vanity poster and not posting to improve your filming and editing skills.

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    Hi Eternal

    Nice job but I also agree that the cuts were a little jumpy! If you are going to do hard cuts then make sure it's to a completely new camera angle already suggested cutaways are a great asset but tricky if you are only using one cam. Whenever I have a fixed camera the second one is shooting cutaways!!
    My biggest asset at receptions is an LED video can easily make it yourself for less than $50 and when the lights are dimmed on the first dance it makes your life a lot easier!!

    I'm a big fan of keeping ambient sound in the mix too and I see you did it on the speeches but not really anywhere adds realism to the shoot instead of just music!

    We look forward to the next one!


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    A few jump cuts need to be sorted out, do you have any shots that can be sandwiched in between one shot of the main action and another similar shot of the main action? I'm not a big fan of a continuous music track, it would be better to fade it down at certain parts and then back up again. You want to capture the atmosphere both in pictures and sound.

    Nicely done, good steady camera work, upright verticals, I thought the lighting was ok in the first dance or maybe I've just got the brightness turned up too high on this monitor. I wouldn't have used the opening title sequence you used but if the bride and groom are happy with it, that's all that matters.
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    Don't like the beginning effects...better keep it simple.

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    Thanks for the feedback. Glad to see I'm moving in the right direction!

    My main wedding video has all the ambient sound in, I guess when I'm doing the highlights of the day I just prefer the music telling the story, but thats me.

    The little intro thing was for the start of the wedding video, not the montage. I just added that to see if anyone thought it was cool or not.

    I do have cutaways that I could have used, but I like to keep the focus on the bride and groom where possible, but I will certainly think about that if there is a next time.
    Thanks again!

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    Sorry for ressurecting an ancient thread but I wondered if anyone would take a look at one of my sample scenes from this wedding, an outdoors photoshoot. This was done as a favour for some friends, so the camera isnt professional (and youtube has rather mangled up the quality somewhat...) but I'm still in limbo on whether I should take the plunge and start a wedding videography business, so I'd love a few critiques on style.

    hanks in advance!

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    I'm sure the couple will love it and generally exposure, focus etc are really good, but I have a few problems with it:

    • I hate filming and watching photoshoots. I generally include a maximum of 30 seconds. They add little to the story and it's called a PHOTOshoot for a reason.
    • Sound changing with every picture change is very jarring. When you have crowd noise like this, mix the audio together so it's a much smoother transition.
    • Look at every shot including beginning and end and see how you can do it better. A lot are easy fixes. Eg - at 0:05 - pan to right then bounce back to left; 0:44 to 0:47 is a mess; 1:02 - why cut mid laugh; 1:34 overexposure; etc
    • Not sure why you finished on a shot of the car
    • Too many similar shots

    There are some very good shots in there - and most of them are when people AREN'T having their photo taken - especially the kids.

    It would be good to see footage of the actual ceremony - you won't get any bookings based on a photoshoot.

    I do hope you find the above constructive.


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    Thanks Ian, agree with everything you said. One thing I'm learning from looking at my older stuff is that I really need to set up more imaginative shots, an awful lot of them seem to be on the same kind of eye line.

    Do many others incorperate the photoshoots for any length of time? I find they are a nice change of pace after the franticness that comes before. But yes, I feel the shots of people and children interacting are much better than the pics of people standing around.

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    In fact, if anyone would be kind enough to take a peak at the last montage I did, that would be great too! Maria and Dales Wedding - YouTube

    However please bear in mind before you critique, this was not done as a "job", these are relatives of mine, so I was not the videographer, hence I had no access to stage good shots of the ceremony, had to film everything from my seat etc.. no tripod or lighting kit (terribly evident in the dance scenes where I had to colour correct and stylise the hell out of it to be able to see anything at all) so yeah... I know that the visual quality/camera movement and lighting will all suck somewhat. I guess I am looking for a critique of the editing, the music... this starts out as an overblown romantic piece before kicking into an uptempo fun piece, which is the first time I've done that in a montage.

    One thing that is now obvious to me is that I really should have looked to incorperate some real audio into this, particularly as I am showing scenes of the speeches. I like to show the facial expressions and reactions, but I think I should have included some of that audio as well.

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