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Thread: Impromptu music vid made in a Salford kebab shop

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    Default Impromptu music vid made in a Salford kebab shop

    This vid was shot a few weeks ago on the spur of the moment in a kebab shop in Salford. It got a good pile of hits on Vimeo and attracted loads of comments on the original posting site

    Lies Like These | New Music Strategies

    as well as a mention in the local press:

    Video | Merchandise

    It's since been featured on a whole lot of sites being praised for its impromptu nature and not needing a big budget to make a DIY vid for a song.

    I just thought I'd post it here and see what you guys think of doing things the simple way . . .

    If you like the track, you can download it here:

    Cityscape Shop | Cityscape Records

    Thanks for watching - Here's the youtube link:

    [ame=]YouTube - Merchandise - Lies Like These[/ame]

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    I really enjoyed watching that. A great song and I take my hat off to anyone who writes their own material. It looked like good fun to make aswell, how many takes? Did you get any hassle from anyone who came into the shop during the shoot or was it closed for the duration? I would like to have seen it mixed in with a few other scenes of you? and your female friend outside maybe in the park, in the car, on the bus just to break it up and develop the characters backgrounds a bit more. Other than that it was very good.

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    Salford you say

    wonder your camera wasnt nicked

    only jokin..... enjoyed that, nice summery feel to the song

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    Thanks for the comments - glad you liked it!

    The whole point of the vid was that we only decided to shoot it two minutes before doing so. We were at a music conference in Salford and had gone for a few drinks and a kebab after and Dubber (the fella who actually shot the vid) and myself (the beardy singer in the band) were talking about our new album. Dubber asked me if I was going to make any more videos (we did one with a bit more budget for our single Sometimes) and I said that we didn't really have the money. So Dubber said we should make one right there in the kebab shop. He set up the camera (a Leica stills camera with a video setting) and I quickly chose one of our new songs on my ipod to lip sync to. I quickly explained to Tracy (who hadn't heard the song) what the lyrics were about (two people in a relationship they both know needs to end) and off we went - one take in a crowded kebab shop. After, Dubber just ripped the track from my ipod, synched it to the take, added the title and that was it - by next morning it was up on vimeo and was getting loads of hits and comments:

    Lies Like These | New Music Strategies

    The whole point was sponteneity and I hope it worked. Since then (a couple of weeks ago) The local paper (Salford Advertiser) got in touch and asked me to go back for a photoshoot and an article having picked up on it from Twitter. I found myself having to explain to the fellas from the shop why the hell I was there and why I was being photographed looking like a fat Jesus figure outside their shop extolling the twin modern virtues of fast food and fast digital content! Made all the odder as it was in front of a line of still rush hour traffic looking on . . .

    And that's the story, so no edits, pans, actors or anything really. Do look at the couple in the background who are wondering why the hell I'm singing . . .

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    Yeah - Salford does have that rep but it was kind to us that night!

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    Great fun and a one-off. If it takes off, watch for all the copycat attempts.

    Credit to Tracey for allowing herself to be filmed eating chips without looking at all self conscious.

    But the big question is .... what did she write about a third of the way in?

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    Thanks for the kind comments Tim

    Tracy wrote "You Suck" in the pizza box - Dubber tried to focus on it at the end but it didn't come out!

    I think the lack of self consciousness was down to the ales which had been had in the Kings Arms earlier . . .

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    Lovely song (very Magic Numbers; in looks and sound) - one question though; if the male vocals are the only ones heard, why have you both got headphones in? - I found the white wire a bit distracting and think it would have worked much better if these weren't seen. As the track was overlaid you could have sang a few lines so she could hear to react too??

    Appreciate it was a rush job and that you probably have since thought this too, hindsight, as they say ......

    Really enjoyed it though!!

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    I'm glad you like the song - that took rather longer to record than the vid

    We both have the headphones as Tracy hadn't heard the song before and needed to hear the lyrics so she could react - it was a noisy kebab shop just after midnight and singing too loudly wouldn't have been a great idea in deepest Salford, as those from the UK would understand I also think that the sharing an ipod thing looks 'coupley' - though that's an afterthought - we did it for practical reasons!

    Thanks for the comments though!

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    Is this a one off video or are we going to get a 'what happens next to Brad and Tracy' video?

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