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    Hey people, unbelievably useful website, glad to be a member!

    I'm starting a Media-Arts degree next September so in the meantime I'm starting a few projects in order to build up my portfolio. One of the projects I'm starting is a live video recording of me and some mates performing a few covers with a multiple camera set-up. (quite similar to Boyce Avenue if any of you guys are keen music You-Tubers)

    Anyway, I'm having trouble thinking of the most convenient way to film this and I'd be really grateful for any advice! Basically, each instrument and microphone is going to go directly into my rack-mounted sound interface so that I can mix, edit and master each track individually in Cubase once it's done, so just to be clear the cameras will be used purely for video footage an not sound.

    What I want to do in the video editing process is to be able to chop up the footage and go back and forth between band members and footage reels, for example; when the pianist is doing a bit of lead playing I want to fade into the footage of him from his camera at that particular part of the song, then transition back to whatever I want to be viewing after that, keeping in mind no one will be operating the cameras.

    Shall I use multiple cameras on tripods each aimed at a different band member and then set them all recording at once so that I can edit the footage from each camera reel all into one, using the relevant shots from each camera and then lay the mastered audio over the top or is there a more convenient way of doing it? The issues I'm predicting are mainly syncing problems, but as I've not tried this before, I'm unsure.

    Sorry if that sounds a bit jumbled, I'm trying to think of the best way to explain it.

    Thanks to anyone that can suggest anything!

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    Most editing software can deal with more than one video track. It's almost exactly the same as Cubase but for video. You have all your tracks, one above the other, then chose which one you want to see, which are "muted" and how you change from one to another.

    My particular way of syncing video is to use the video sound tracks. Although you won't be using the camcorders to record the final sound, make sure that they are recording audio, even if it's on auto. When it comes to syncing a number of video tracks together, I find it easier to sync their audio together, rather than trying to match moments in time from different image viewpoints.

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    I wouldn't put all the cameras on tripods, your video is going to be very static and boring if you do that, sorry never heard of that band. So depending on what type of music they play, you should have movement in the shots and that should dictate whether or not you throw in a few Dutch Tilts and shots of moving the camera into and away from the lead singers face three or four times. You are allowed to go a little bit crazy when making a music video. Put your audio track down first and then cut the pictures to it.

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