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    hi - not sure where to post this, so will try here (apologies if incorrect).

    I video football matches for a semi professional side. As part of the requirements we now need to produce an unedited match (3 copies) within an hour of the match completing.

    I use to use Adobe Premier 2 & Encore 2 to down load the match, and the produce the DVD, but this would not be able to be done within an hour on a laptop (my high powered PC takes around 50 mins to produce 1 copy, although subsequent ones are about 5 mins each).

    I have an option of purchasing a DVD duplicator, so that will help.

    My 1st option is to record onto a DVD recorder (probably to 1 with Hard disc, and copy that to DVD) - but that is not my preference.

    I would prefer to copy the footage directly onto a Laptop DVD Recorder (i.e. recording onto dvd in real time) - but ideally (may be pushing my luck here) it also downloading onto the Hard Drive (so when I do edit it, do not need to reload it - thus saving myself 90 mins download time).

    Does anyone know if there is any software that could do this? It would seem to be possible, but I just can't find anything yet.

    Any help appreciated


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    as you capture, get an video out from the camera to a dvd recorder

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