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    Default Proper colors for Titles

    Not a big problem but can anyone give me some specific colors to use for rolling text Titles. I do note that black background and white font are not the best as I do see a bleed in the black into the white font. I do use the Title Designer in PP1.5 and have read the help section in this forum but I am hoping someone could point me in the correct direction on how to acheive the correct colors for background and fonts to avoid the bleeding and blurring.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Yellow and blue are two good contrasting colours I use. Titles will suffer slightly due to compression, the more you apply the worse it gets. Use large bold type faces and avoid script and serif styles as they can give a lot of problems. Tv systems don't cope too well with extremes such as black and white so I would still use those two colours but not together.

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