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    After much confusing research, I have narrowed my search for a previously-owned cam to 3 models. The XL1-S, PD150, and the AG DVX100. I am leaning towards the PD150 for, among other reasons, the price. I will be using it in a controlled, indoor environment. My probable lighting will be something similar to Lowell's 3 point kit. My audio setup is pretty high-end, (since audio is already my background) and my editing realm is nearly complete with a 3200+ Barton and a gig of DDR (with another open slot if more were needed) Premiere Pro and Encore with plenty of audio flexibility. (sonic foundry etc)
    Do the venerable readers on this site agree with these cam choices, and offer any others in the "under $3,000" (used) range?
    Thanks tons!

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    The Panasonic and the Sony are both highly regarded, but note that all three of the models you mentioned have been superseded by more recent models... the DSR-PD170P, the AG-DVX100AE and the XL2.
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    wait a minute, is the DVX100 AE just the pal version of the camera, or a total upgrade? i havnt even heard of it over here yet....
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