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Thread: Debating on new camera choice...

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    Default Debating on new camera choice...

    Okay...I'm currently working with a JVC GR-D770U. Not much at all.

    So of course I'm looking for new cameras.
    Money is an issue unfortunately.

    I figure my first option is a Sony DCR-SR47. My uncle works for Sony so he could possibly work a deal for a better price. Here's the link...

    DCR-SR47 | DCR-SR47 Handycam® Camcorder | Sony | Sony Style USA


    I could bite the bullet(financially speaking) and save up for a Canon Vixia HV30.

    Consumer Camcorders - High Definition Camcorders - DVD Camcorders - Single Chip CCD Digital Camcorders - Digital Camcorder - HV30- Canon USA Consumer Products

    It's obviously a better choice, but the money issue is a large one for me and with the Sony DCR-SR47 and my uncle...I'll save some.

    Anyway, I just would like anyone's opinion.

    Save up or go for the deal?


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    If I was going to buy either one of those I would go for the HV-30, I would either keep on saving up for it or look around more sites to see where the best deal is. It is more expensive but it is a much better camcorder in the long run if you intend to get into making videos in a more serious way. The Sony just doesn't cut it unless all you wish to do is shoot and playback your videos.

    It will do the job don't get me wrong but I would wait and get the HV-30 instead. And if anyone from Sony is reading this, sticking a 60 x zoom on a tiny camcorder with a 1/8 inch chip and 680k pixels, you need get your head out of the clouds. Everyone has copped onto the ridiculous digital zooms and now they are doing the same with the optical zooms. A camcorder that size with those components shouldn't be allowed to have a 15 x zoom let alone a 60 x. It's nothing more than a gimmick as the picture quality will suffer.
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