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    Sort of an experimental short

    Let me know what you think!
    Also Vimeo messed up the upload so the first 35 seconds are terrible quality, very pixelated, but it goes back to high quality after that

    There is also a slightly different version on youtube

    my account is

    YouTube - zombifiedmaster's Channel

    but I consider the one posted the superior of the two

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    any feedback, really looking for some

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    Good enough idea though the sound over the police radio wasn't clear enough for me. If I hadn't read your one line synopsis on Vime I'd have been at a loss.
    Use of sound, as usual with your films (or those I've seen anayway) was imaginitive and well matched.
    Wobbly camera work. Again far too much.
    And some rather pointless hosing which adeed to the amateur feel.
    And clean your lens/filter. It was unforgivable and totally distracting.

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