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Thread: How can I alternate between 4 video tracks easily?

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    Default How can I alternate between 4 video tracks easily?

    I have 4 videos of the same event captured at different angles. I want to edit it such that I switch between the different camera angles. Also, each track has it's own audio, so I'd want that to switch as well. So I want to show a few secs of A, then a few secs of B, then D, then C, then A, etc. Is there an easy way to do this in Vegas 9?

    The only way I can think of right now is to cut up all the videos in the trimmer and add each little segment in a linear fashion. That'd be a lot of work, plus I don't think I would get the timing of everything correct.

    So if these are the tracks, what I want to do is have the active video be where the **** are.

    Track A         ****                    ****       ***
    Track B             *****           ****
    Track C                  *****              ***
    Track D                       *****            ***

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    I take it you don't have Vegas 9 Pro. That has multi camera facilities built in. Also the Vega Pro series has scripting and some script bundles available for it have included multi camera editing.

    However, it's not difficult without. I did three camera editing without any of those facilities a couple of years back.

    Fundamentally what you are trying to achieve is exactly what you've drwan above. The "trick" is getting there.

    Lay out and synchronise your tracks (synch by matching the audio tracks)
    Use the solo (!) and mute (x) functions to work out where you want to switch from one track to another.
    When you hit upon a place you want to change the track then split "S".
    Delete all the bits you don't want (or lower their composite fro 100% to 0%) and away you go.

    If at a later stage you want to move where a change occurs, you can always trim the beginning of one clip and end of another. (Ctrl-Alt whilst clicking the "join" works a treat for this)

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    Thanks! I was playing with those tips and I think they'll do the trick. I just have Platinum. I've only done simple editing, so I'm a newbie to the more advanced stuff. I wasn't sure where to get started.

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