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Thread: Sony HDR-SR5 Stops Recording with Error!

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    Default Sony HDR-SR5 Stops Recording with Error!

    Hi everyone

    I have this camera for about half a year maybe.

    So, i have this weird problem, iīm spending the weekend at my drummerīs house and we are recording stuff we are playing. But during recording the camera stops and says "temporary memory overloaded" or some other error and then it stops. One thing i have figured out, when itīs silent, no stops at all. When we play (very loud) after like a minute or half a minute the camera stops. When i watch the videos on the pc the sound is very distorted because of the loud volume, the sound cuts off and then the video stops.

    Maybe itīs the loud sound? But thatīs kind of stupid right? i meann people record concerts etc. Is it normal to do this error at loud sounds? The most strange part is the error it self, temporary data memory or something. I have formated the camera over and over again and the error happens with loud volumes, maybe itīs the sound pressure and not volume? (We record in a closed room. and itīs not hot at all hot we have a fan rolling there.

    I really hope someone can help me with this, recording music stuff and videos is my main use and not being able to sucks!

    So i leave you with this video i have recorded with my camera in HD and edited in Vegas as a thank you in advance (In youtube, pick HD and fullscreen)

    EDIT - We had to record the video in playback mode, drums not miced and guitar with amp turned off...

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