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    Smile Firewire

    2 questions please:
    Does quality suffer? Is there any difference when recording on tape with the canon xha1 as opposed to using the external hard drive option. Is anything lost in the Firewire transfer.
    I appreciate that using the hard drive system allows you to dump your recorded material straight off the drive onto the computer with out having to transfer it in real time.

    If the quality from using the tape is as good can anyone recommend a decent firewire cable and system.

    Thanks in advance.

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    You may get more answers if you put this in the Hardware section of the forum. I don't own that Canon camcorder so this is just general information. You won't lose any data using Firewire transfer but generally speaking files saved to hard disk have some type of compression applied them. An ordinary Firewire cable costing $10/10/10 will work fine.

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    Thanks for that Nik

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