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Thread: Total noob with segmentation probs!

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    Default Total noob with segmentation probs!

    Hi everyone,

    I just started a video blog on YouTube. I have no experience of video production or editing, and have a completely noobish question.

    I recorded a video using my laptop's built-in webcam for upload to YouTube, but it was 29 minutes long. YouTube won't let me upload videos longer than 10 minutes so I tried to split it into 4 sections. To start with I simply used a free piece of downloadable software (Avidemux), found a natural sentence break and set point A and B markers. However, this caused pixillation and sound issues. I then tried to use keyframes as markers to solve this problem, but whilst the sound worked, the video still began to pixillate.

    It seems like such a simple thing to do, split one 30-minute video into four roughly equal sections, but it's driving me completely to distraction! Does anyone have any idea what's going on here?

    FYI, I recorded the video in .ogv format (I had no choice, that's all it would allow), then converted it to .mp4 and .avi in various attempts to edit it. I run Ubuntu Linux OS 9.04

    Thanks everyone in advance!

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    I remember seeing a video editor for Linux a while back but the name of it escapes me now. Try doing a search on Google and see if it comes up with anything.

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    Taken from List of video editing software - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Blender (3D animation suite) (cross-platform)
    Cinelerra (Linux)
    Jahshaka (Cross platform)
    Kdenlive (Linux/FreeBSD)
    Kino (Linux)
    LiVES (Linux/BSD/IRIX/Mac OS X/Darwin)
    OpenShot Video Editor (Linux)
    PiTiVi (Linux)

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    I recognise two names in that list, Cinelerra and Kino, couldn't think of them at the time but thanks Marc.

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