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    Hi there,

    Just posting the first draft of a video I am doing for a local holiday cottage operator and wondered what people's views were.

    The titles need some fancying up with fade and movement but as it stands, was thinking of posting to the client for approval soon.

    Look forward to your thoughts before I do!!


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    Well done for bringing this to life by filling it with people.

    It had a lovely "warm" feel to it and I think successfully manages to appeal to both small groups of young friends and families.

    Professional actors/models? Or family and friends? They certainly looked the part. Many cliché but essential shots (the toast with the wine, the woman rising at the edge of the pool etc, woman in bath) all well executed

    You made the accomodation and scenery look very tempting.

    Perhaps other material claifies if but it was not clear at all to me what was on offer. The video mentioned "The Mill" and then "Self catering at the Barn". Does that mean "The Mill" is not self catering? It sort of implies it. (I appreciate the client may have come up with the wording but it still doesn't make it right),

    It would be useful to see exterior shots of the buildings - particularly The Mill and The Barn when they are mentioned. Maybe an overhead plan of the location (not detailed and not for more than a second or two, just with those key places named).

    And perhaps an outline map of Cornwall with the location highlighted would immediately make people realise where we are in the country.

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    Thanks for the comments Tim - the models were a mixture of the owners; and their family, my family and friends of the owners so a complete mish mash really but I think they all come across well.

    As the video is going to be on the website of the cottages, that's why I didn't go in too strong with the location etc because that will all be contained on the site.

    I take your points about the potentially wooly titles though so will look at addressing those.

    Thanks again for your constructive thoughts

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