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Thread: Logo for my movies.

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    Default Logo for my movies.

    Can somone tell me if they think this logo looks cool for the start of my movies. Or does anyone have any suggestions to help it look better? I did it just using adobe premiere 6.5

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    Depends what your style of film is. if it's dark or horror, yes. If it's a kids' film, then no

    Oh, and this is just me being a font snob, but maybe consider using a font other than Impact, as that's a really common font.

    (if it's not that font, it looks extremely similar anyway)

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    I presume you intend to put this at the start of all your movies. i..e your version of the Universal or Warner Bros Logo right? In which case I would offer the following...

    1) It should have cleaner lines. Might just be the low res version but the word 'films' is almost illegible in that style. Then again, I'm sure there will be internet versions for download so you might want to sort this out.

    2) From about 6 seconds in there is about a 5 second section where everything is static. If you want the lettering style you have then you should animate the light streaks coming off the letters to keep something 'happening' during this time.

    3) Might be just me but the fuzzy words bit didn't work for me. With the words being the only thing on screen at the time making it all go fuzzy just makes me want to turn away as there's nothign to look at.

    4) Add a background of some description.

    5) I'd have to agree with mikefishcake too about the tone of the sequence. Make the thing a little more generic and less 'moody' so it will happilly sit in front of any movie. I suggest clean up the lines and add them again for specific movies requiring that 'feel'.

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    Default thanks..

    thanks for the advice guys... Ill try to make it better

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    Default Re: thanks..

    Quote Originally Posted by mamaluke
    thanks for the advice guys... Ill try to make it better
    It's not bad. Just, in my opinion, needs to be alittle more generic and eue catching if it's to sit in front of all movies.

    it feels like a title to a specific movie is all.

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    Then again, does look a lot like the HBO (?) logo/ident

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