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Thread: Vegas Pro 8 rendering issue

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    Hi all,
    I'm rendering my project but have an issue when trying to do so in WMV format. My problem is that at the start of the project I have applied track motion to a few clips on the timeline (three different clips appearing side by side across the bottom of the screen) which when rendered in a WMV format is leaving the outer two clips cut in half on the finished WMV (one half of clip showing while the other is just black).

    If I render my project as a Quicktime movie / or anything else the clips appear as normal.

    I need to send the render via email so need to ensure the file size is rather small hence the WMV option.

    Does anyone know why this rendering issue is happening just as a WMV format and if there is a workaround so I can email this project to someone for them to preview?

    Many thanks


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    try selecting the whole track, that might work, but not sure

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    I found a rough workaround - just overlapped the clips on the timeline through trial and error and when re-rendered came out OK?? Must be an issue with track motion I assume!!??

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    well at least it came out, i just had that happen to me a few days ago and the clips just weren't selected

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