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Thread: Thoughts on my latest video

  1. Default Thoughts on my latest video

    This was a promo piece for myself, best work I did thus far, however I still think I have room for improvement, could use your opinions!

    the password is vimeoaccount101 (I didnt want to show the client the video b4 im actually 100% done with this, so I had to password it)

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    I thought the steadycam work was pretty effective - especially tracking round the couple and tracking around the dancers in the reverse direction to that in which they were dancing - but I very quickly got the impression that was all you could do. Everything looked hand-held - there didn't seem to be a locked down tripod shot in the whole reel. It really could do with the contrast.

    The other thing that occured to me was the lack of close-ups of all the people. If you're selling wedding videos, I would imagine people want reminders of everyone who was there (or at least the key people). This really came to light at about 2.35 where we saw a lovely group shot of ladies around the groom (?) - it absolutely cried out to be followed by panning close-ups or individual close-ups of those in the group. (Remembre, people like to see themselves in a video so this will increase your chances of greater sales)

    Overall a good job. I'd think most couples would be very happy with this. I'm just being overly critical because that's what you asked for.

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    I watched aswell and it looked very good. There was too much steady cam work, new toy perhaps? As Tim said a few scenes with the camera not moving or on a tripod would have contrasted better. A few of the steady cam shots did look a bit lop sided, it is noticeable in vertial lines that lean over too much. Also more close ups are needed to take the viewers into the action and show all the beautiful people who are in the video.

    The one thing that seemed to be missing was, I had no idea where the location was. At first I thought it was in the UK, then when I saw the skyscrapers I thought it was America, the people who were at the ceremony know where the location is but not the rest of us. You have to include 'sign posts', i.e. establishing and re-establishing shots at regular intervals for the rest of us who were not at the event.

    Nice work, just ease up on the steady cam work, watch out for lop sided verticals and more close ups.

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    Hey thanks for the comments, i do know what you mean to have more close ups of people, i only put close ups of the moms and father, because thats all that really matter right?

    as for lack of tripod, i often use it as much because im shooting with a single camera, and whenever i do tripod, its always hard for me to maneuver around as quick....i do use it for speeches or dont places i know i will have alot of 'still' time

    thanks for the comments tho, my steadicam isnt a new toy, but, im startin to use it less and less...i think i only really used it here during the photoshoot and the dances, the other movements were freehanded

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    Its a great music video - congratulations. Would I be proud to put my name on it ? - definitely. I disagree with others, the steadycam work added appeal, its MTV-licious !

    Direction and composition et al... a fine job.

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