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    Is there a way to change the colour (color) of individual letters within a word in Media Generators/Text?

    I have tried first highlighting the one letter I want to change the colour of and then selecting a new colour but every time I do this the colour of the whole word changes!

    If this isn't possible (as it is in the most basic of word processors), can anyone suggest a quick solution withou me having to go into Photoshop (for example) and create image files for the words.

    Say I wanted the word 'David' to appear on the screen and have the 'D' in red and the 'avid' in green - what's the best way to acheive this?

    Thanks guys!!!!


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    Im not sitting right next to my Vegas Workstation but the easiest way to do this woudl be to make the text in photoshop where you can even get better aulity text that within the vegas text generator. Then save it as a .png with transparency behind the text so that the transparency will be maintained inside vegas too. Then just drag and use that .png inside your project.

    The other way would be to try highlighting each alphabet within the text tool in Vegas and then trying to change the color from the color panel. This MIGHT work as its possible to change each alphabet into a different size using this method. I think you should be able to change colors too.

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    Fortunately I AM at my Vegas workstation and can confirm as Plainman says that you can alter the font and size of individual letters. Unfortunately I can confirm your findings that the colour property applies to ALL the text. (I suspect this is the way the text overlay is generated - I suspect it simply uses the shapes of the fonts as a mask on a single coloured "background")

    You could create on track for each colour - eg Track 1 has the "D" and track 2 has the "avid". This can be a bit fiddly to line up, but will do exactly what you want.

    But I agree with Plainman, by far the simplest way (and best quality) is to create the text in a graphics program.

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