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Thread: And the winner is...

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    An update on the t-shirts and the DVD... I've got all the winners entries in now on DV, and I doubt very much I'm going to get the rest of 'em, so I'll make the special DVD based on the ones I have...

    ... and the polo shirts. Well, they STILL haven't debited my account! I'll phone them up aftter the bank hols... If they haven't started, I may chamge the logo colour....

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    I want to make a little documentary/commentary with some behind the scenes tips and tricks, I have the "script" already and hope to record and edit this week. I had a broke HD recently so it was delayed. So if you have a bit of time I'd like to send the video with the BTS. You have plenty of DVD space so why not?


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    No problem, I'll hold fire until I get your video!

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    Bit of an update for everyone...

    NoBudget has sent me his video and the cover art work, so I should get that today. I'll then start work on producing the DVD (at last, eh?!).

    Purejammy - bit late, but do you want to be included on the DVD with your previous competition entry??

    Tshirts are being printed as we speak!!!


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    I would love to. Surprisingly the original footage survived the great disk crash of 2004, as I was sensible enough to back that one up.

    I will simply have to recreate to the format of your choosing. Just let me know how to deliver. Even in AVI format the file will only be around 220Mb.


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