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Thread: Camera People wanted across the UK

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    Default Camera People wanted across the UK

    Hi guys,

    Looks like you have a great community here! I play in an 8-piece band who play regularly across the UK. We need to get more professional footage at shows.

    I'm looking for camera people to film our live shows and hopefully develop relationships so when we come to do our videos we have a solid crew to work with.

    Our current dates are available on our site: Catch-it Kebabs - Swinging Skacore from Yorkshire, UK.

    Give me a shout if you are interested, the work is paid obviously and would take about 1 hour of your time i.e. around 45 min set + setting up/packdown. I would also get you and a couple of +1s in and a few drinks. I read that the going rate is around 25 for an hour, I will pay around that if that seems cool?

    My email is: and tel: 07983638260

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    The price was something I took from another place on this forum, apologies if that seemed a bit rude offering that rate, I really have no idea.

    Fortunately though we don't have to pay for dep members as we do all originals and pro players like to come and help us out, that's the beaut of the original music game.

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    I'm based in London, and can get my own kit. Give me a shout if you're down my way - send me an email and we'll talk hourly rate.

    I'm also an editor, so let me know whether you require my services.


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    Hi, I live in the London area and I own my own camera (sony z1) as well as a full edit kit. I'd be happy to talk with you about this, if you need to get in touch please email me.

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    Me and a few mates run a small student based production company and would love to offer you our services.

    25 p/h is very cheep and if anybody tried to charge that then they'd be bankrupt within no time!

    We are all well experienced and if you would wish to contact us, you can email me via or via PM.

    We are based in the east of england and are willing to travel a bit if you are willing to pay for traveling cost.

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