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Thread: After rendering my vids lag

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    Default After rendering my vids lag

    Heya im new to this site, and im just a beginner in sony vegas, i have sony vegas movie studio platinum 9. Ive made a clip like 17 seconds long. It took me like 30 minutes to render it and then when i play it its all laggy and sketchy and misses out bits in the vid :/. I cant find any suitable answers no were else.

    Can some 1 please help me .

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    Come on, give us something to work with.
    How are you trying to render - what type of file, what template and/or settings.....
    What are you palying it back with?
    What is the source material? What is your workflow?

    Asking a question like you have is like someon trying to paint asking why their picture looks so bad.

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