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Thread: How is it possible to have three clips shown on the screen?

  1. Default How is it possible to have three clips shown on the screen?

    I want to be able to have three clips transition onto the screen at the same time.

    These are on three different tracks: VIDEO, VIDEO OVERLAY, TEXT.

    I want to have them split equally across teh screen.

    How do I crop the clips, so that they go from full screen to taking up only a third of it?

    I can reposition them where I want, but I cant fathom how to get the clips croped so that I only show the horizontal/vertical part of the clip that I want to show?

    Any help to get me on the right path will definitely be thanked!

    This is driving me nuts!

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    Crap, mentioned it in the other thread....

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    Place your three clips on three tracks (the names of the tracks are no more than lables, there's no significance to the name, you four video tracks)

    For each track
    Use Event Pan and Crop to SELECT the PART of the image you want to display (turn off both size around centre and keep aspect ratio)
    Then use Track Motion to RESIZE and POSITION this within your frame.

    Use keyframes in both Pand and Crop and Track motion to create the movement from full screen to section.

    Asked and answered - come back if you need more detail.

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