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    I am using Adobe Premier Pro CS4 for my video editing, I am looking to buy some type of video editing board / hardware that I can use with adobe premier pro, something like this:

    That would work with Adobe Premier Pro CS4, where can I buy one?



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    You could go with these stickers whcih just stick onto your keyboard
    Reason Keyboard Set | Editors keys
    (though I've not really known people to recommend them because they become unstuck after a while- I'm sure they'd help you learn the shortcuts)

    Or a dedicated keboard (which I believe has "proper" keycaps as well as a jog/shuttle wheel) :
    Bella Corporation Pro Series Keyboards (81 563-9500

    Or something like this which only has a few (quite a few) programmable keys and which its users swear by:
    Contour Design ShuttlePro V2 Multi-Button Jog & Shuttle Multimedia Control Surface - DV247.COM

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