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Thread: Two camera widescreen disaster!

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    Unhappy Two camera widescreen disaster!

    I should have checked this more throughly!!! I have shot a wedding using a JVC GY5000e and a XM2. I used to film in 4:3 but thought it time to go 16:9. On editing in Edius 4, there's a problem with the footage. The JVC has chopped the top and bottom of the footage to produce 16:9, while the XM2 I have since found out is true 16:9. On playing the footage back on the timeline, everytime the clips go from one camera to the other, black borders appear or disappear depending on which camera the clips are from! Does anyone know a method to make the clips the same?
    Thanks in advance

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    In Sony Vegas you can match the clip to the project (match ratio) so it effectively zooms in to the JVC and gets rid of the black bars, perhaps software will allow the same?

    In the JVC 5000 you can add a 16:9 guide line to keep your shooting in that bit and the rest will be fine, that's what I am doing at present.

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