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Thread: Film Producers?

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    Default Film Producers?

    I've worked on a couple of productions as a PA and noticed a lot of producers are assholes... is this the norm for the film industry?

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    The producer is the "boss" of the business. To succeed they have to be good at their job. Unfortunately there are thousands of "assholes" out there who try to be producers and fail at it.

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    I found that the best producers let the directors do their job and only step in when needed.

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    Someone once said, a producer is someone who takes all the credit when a movie is a success but takes none of the blame when it sinks at the box office.

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    Producers sometimes have to keep the overall Productions 'Head' in the real world, which can be interpreted as being as asshole to others.

    Film production is a business like no other, at the end of the day

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    Thanks for the insight.. but I mean, I ran into producers who get mad because their jamba juice isn't frozen enough or their starbucks isn't hot enough when i'm already getting about 50 drinks for the whole crew. I want to be part of the art department but i'm always given the PA job. any advice?

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    Smile Hit or Miss

    I've found there are a lot of A-Holes who are producers but then you get to work with someone who reminds you that your work can be fun! It always angers me when I see producers treat people like shit. There's no need for it.

    As for getting into the Art dept. I work in Post but I'm sure there are a lot of similarities. Let it be known you want to be in the Art Department when on set. Make connections with the Art Department people and keep in touch eventually they might have an opening for a Trainee.

    Also, do as much art dept. stuff as possible! Student films, shorts, commercials whatever you can get. You'll start building relationships on these sets that will lead to future work.

    As I said I work in post as an editor so things might be slightly different on the set. But get out there and market yourself.

    Hope that helps in some way.

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    fail at being producers? or fail at being assholes?
    I guess raising money is the toughest part of the business
    aside from making a living as an actor and getting distribution that is
    ...but once you succeed at raising money it almost seems like
    its hard to stop it....even if the films don't go anywhere
    ...that's the sort of failing one's way to the top that
    many envy....but making a good film can get lost in the mix
    David Fine (II)

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    I've worked with producers all of my working life and 90% as a conservative estimate fall into the arsehole category.
    If they would leave the director and technicians alone and simply settle for their input of creating cash it would be a lot better than involving themselves in production matters.
    American producers are particularly bad at this

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    In defence of producers... Firstly, there are two types: "proper" and "wanabbees"

    A "proper" producer is an organiser. Not only do they have to get the money together but organise a director, camera team, editor, cast etc. etc. etc. It is not an easy job. Each department will have the opinion that they are the most important and each dept will feel that their budget is too small. It's the producer's job to keep this bundle of egos in check. This ain't easy and sometimes crew think that the producer is being an asshole when, in fact, he or she is simply doing her job.
    When it comes to television a producer is responsible for the production. Getting crew, booking flights, hotels, local fixers, making sure that it all comes together and that nothing is forgottten. They will also be responsible for filming permissions, arranging interviews, recces, carnets and insurances. They will need to rely on others to do their jobs efficiently and, if you don't, then the producer will crack the whip.

    So, a proper producer isn't being an asshole, they're doing what they're supposed to. It is very, very rare that a "proper" film or television producer doesn't know what they're doing since they tend to get fired after their first major cock-up. This means that they don't suffer fools gladly and will jump on anyone who is not up to scratch. Perversely, it's much more enjoyable to work with this sort of a producer than with someone who tries hard to be liked and doesn't have the respect of the crew.

    Wannabees are something else. They just think that they're a producer but are incompetant. They are either weak with the crew and get walked over or try to disguise their inexperience with arrogance. They talk big and deliver small. They will not have a series of successes behind them and will blame their failures on someone else. Beware of the producer who constantly says "When I was at (insert impressive company here)" as there will be a reason that they're no longer there, usually due to not making the grade. "Proper" producers don't need to impress the crew, wannabbes find it essential to try.
    A lot of people in marketting or PR companies think that, because they are organising a video, they are a producer. They also think that because their company calls them a producer, they know everything about television. These are the most dangerous "wannabees" as they don't have the experience to know when, and where to step in.

    So, in my experience, asshole producers in television, broadcast and drama are very rare, asshole so-called producers in marketting, student productions and corporate shoots are common.
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