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    Default Elements won't load

    I have Elemets running on a PC running XP pro. All used to be fine but at some point, Elements stopped loading. I am 99% sure that the problem is with my Quicktime installation. can I get Elements to load without quicktime? Quicktime is all screwed up by some software conflict with something I installed after all was working. Now I cannot upgrade or reinstall QT and I cannot uninstall QT. And Elements is not loading due to this problem. Any ideas?

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    check your Restore feature in Windows and try to go back to a Restore date when your PC was functioning with both of these software and before you installed the other software. Just a thought.

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    well its a good idea except I didn't use QT or Elements for a long time so I have no idea how far back to go. Seems that fixing the QT is the best approach but I can't get it to load, or delete, or upgrade.

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    Update: I fixed the broken Quicktime using advice found on the QT forum and now my Elements is fine.

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