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Thread: Need very simple AVI clipper/editor

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    Default Need very simple AVI clipper/editor

    I am looking for a very simple piece of software that works directly with AVI files. I am using a GOPRO HERO camera to record surfing. It stores clips on an SD card in AVI format. Most of the recorded video is useless so I want to be able to view the clips in fast forward and clip out the parts i want to keep. If the software can also assemble clips on a timeline, all the better but I really just want an AVI file clipper.

    This is for a PC running XP Pro.

    I already own Adobe Elements but it runs slow on my machine and is currently not running at all due to some software conflict (see seperate post).

    I'd be interested in Freeware or Cheapware.
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    Try Windows Movie Maker, you can't get much simpler than that.

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    well thanks for the idea but I have already tried WMM. It is unsuitable for several reasons.
    1. It does not handle AVI files right. It imports each seperate AVI clip as a collection of one which seems to defeat the purpose of a collection.
    2. It re-encodes the video into wmv and looks like crap afterwards
    3. It does not function as a clipper of the raw video. I'd have to make a serpate one-clip project for each clip and then get transcoded video.

    I am looking for something that works natively with AVI files without re-encoding

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