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Thread: Sadistic Dismemberment - My First Film, Dark Comedy/Horror

  1. Default Sadistic Dismemberment - My First Film, Dark Comedy/Horror

    This is my first proper short film, so go easy on me please. I only used a digital camera.

    I was inspired by Park Chan Wook(Oldboy, Lady Vengeance), Audition(By Takashi Miike), Dumplings(By Fruit Chan), Psycho(Alfred Hitchock) and Takeshi Kitano(Hana-Bi, Zatoichi)

    It is a bit slow paced at first, but that was my intention, if you've seen some of the movies I was inspired by you'll see why.

    My main influence was Audition, I wanted to have a slow buildup to the end, which is more fast paced.

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    You've clearly studied many of the shots used in films of this ilk and in the main copied them quite well.
    The music & sound FX was well chosen and the film edited well to it - (although I suspect you have absolutely no right to use it and deserve the fate you came to in the film for so doing)
    I even liked some of the humour - the different devices used for the dismembering in particular.
    The funniest part (which I suspect wasn't intentional) was the coming down the stairs and (to a lesser degree, though it should have been a greater degree which is why I don't believe it was intentional) the going up again.

    On the down side: It wasn't always clear who was where in relation to the surroundings. It's quite important to get this right.
    It also wasn't clear whether you were trying to lock or unlock the door (With car keys? Yes I saw your response on YT. You must be the only person in the western world over the age of about 5 who wouldn't immediately recognise those as car keys. And you "used them cos your couldn't find your house keys?" Come on! Directors famously wait days or even weeks before filming a scene so the conditions are right. And least spend 5 mins looking for the sake of your craft.

    But the biggest fault of this film was that things just happened. There was no motivation. There was no feeling for either character. No emotional involvement for the audience. Nothing for us to relate to.

    There has to be a reason - or it's just things happening. Which isn't funny or scary.

    Next time, work harder on your script - it let you down. Artisticly and technically you posess the potential to ake a much better film.

    And PLEASE return the favour by criticising a few other films here.

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    i just have to say i didnt like it too much

    and liking many of the films you listed it felt more like a half done rip off instead of an original outing inspired by the films

    I would spend more time working on the writing and in bringing the horror out more, use rises and such to create the suspense.

    and just another tip, try to edit out the parts where it is you switching the camera off

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    I would have liked find out what motivated the dismemberment, obviously I guess it was the relationship between the two people, but what aspect of their relationship?
    Maybe if one of them had had a really irritating habit, which is something we can relate to, and maybe if one of them reacted, ok, cracked under the strain of, this really irritating habit, it would have been better.

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