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Thread: Any video editing software out ther that fits this bill?

  1. Default Any video editing software out ther that fits this bill?

    I'm looking for a very lightweight video editor. Something that doesn't take a long time to install, start up, and doesn't use huge amounts of RAM. Nothing fancy. All I need is:

    Simple cutting (no transitions, no fx)

    Imports MPG files.

    Has an audio compressor (not refering to file compression, but an audio compressor similar to the type used in various DAWs, that I can use to compress the dynamic range of the audio. I have a good pro DAW already, but having to export audio from a video editor, process in a DAW, export from DAW, and re-import into the video editor is a real time waster.)

    Has an option to import and export video without going through the compression/de-compression process. (Don't even know if any software can do this yet, but it has always seemed to me that if I'm going to be editing together video that was all shot with the same camera, using the same settings, and that if I don't want to change the codec, the size of the video, the framerate, or process it visually in anyway, that having to decompress everything just to recompress it to the same format when I export it is another huge time waster.)

    Thanks all!

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    I think sony vegas fits your needs well. It actualy started out as a DAW then was built into one the best NLE's around. But dont take my word for it. Download the trial and see if it fits what you want. Everyones going to tell you the one they use is the best and im no diffrent. Just check it out and see what you think.

    Software Used:
    TGV Edius 6, TGV ProCoder 3, DVD Lab Pro. 2

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    Thanks for the reply, Chapman. Mind if I ask about ram usage? And does vegas do the no CODEC thing I was asking for?

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    I need a video editing program

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    Are you using Windows or Mac? What level of video editing do you want to do, simple or more complex? Do you have a camcorder, is it mini dv, hard disk, memory card or high definition?

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