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Thread: Vista (64 bit) RUINED MY LIFE <------------------------------------------

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    Default Vista (64 bit) RUINED MY LIFE <------------------------------------------

    I currently have a Digital Video Camera (Samsung mini DV).. It's model # is SC-D353. So, I have this video camera that I am completely unable to use on my computer. The camera is not too old (maybe 3 or 4 years at the most), but there are no drivers for 64 bit Windows Vista (home premium). Ever since I've gotten Windows Vista I've had nothing but problems. I had no idea, when I bought it that I would have this much trouble. So, what do I do? I want to make a music video, but I have no idea what Video Editing programs work with vista 64 bit. I also need to know if this camera is worthless, and if I now need to buy a new one. Someone please help me out here. Any clues, hints, tips, anything would be nice right now. I'm just soo lost.

    Vista (64 bit) RUINED MY LIFE <------------------------------------------

    to Simplify:

    1)Are there any video Editing programs that work with Windows Vista 64 bit?

    2) Are there any video cameras that work with (and have drivers for) Windows Vista 64 bit?
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    Pinnacle 12 works with Vista 64bit....its inexpensive and easy to learn,

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    Quote Originally Posted by daeser1 View Post
    Vista (64 bit) RUINED MY LIFE <------------------------------------------
    Now, you've been told a million times not to exaggerate ....

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    u can also use premiere pro or element 7... it works for me in my VAIO vista 64bit...
    in premiere, u can use the firewire to capture and can even control the camera via premiere...
    CS4 is built to run better with 64bit OS...

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    First of all Microsoft cannot be held responsible, for samung not having a said driver for you camera it should read:

    Samsung Mini DV Ruined my LIFE!!!! <--------------------------------------

    I agree, Stop being so dramatic, else one of the Mods will move you to the actors forum.

    Maybe this will help, I couldn't find SC-d353 but could find VP-d353.
    This sometimes happens if the camera is purchased from a big store, they sometimes have a model badged up with thier own model number. Or it could be a Country ID for markeing purposes.

    Please first check if the camera looks like yours, other then that phone the samsung support line.

    Download Center SAMSUNG

    If all else fails RTFM, have fun

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    for a camera via firewire???
    do they even exist. if your using usb thats a different story but try firewire if your not already using it.

    As mentioned above Premire Pro CS4 works on vista 64bit. i also belive Songy Vegas and Avid Media Composer works too.

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    A bit of hyperbole gets attention in a humorous way. I doubt he meant it literally.

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    Do you have MS Movie Maker. Won't that import your footage?

    I don't know if the camera is worthless. What does the footage look like?

    Are you saying your FW port is not working? No 64 bit drivers for your MOBO?

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    Does this camera have a firewire connection. If so then your biggest problem is your workflow. For firewire transfer you don't use drivers of any kind and all s/w works.

    If you are worried about drivers then you are transerring via USB i reckon. This is, quite simply, WRONG. In simple terms you're getting VHS quality from a DVD quality recording by doing that.

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    this people can help you... supportrix

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