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Thread: 16:9 on my 4:3 DVX100b

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    Default 16:9 on my 4:3 DVX100b

    Hi Guys,

    I want to use my Panasonic DVX100b camera in conjunction with newer panasonic camera which will be downconverted to SD 16:9.

    However the new camera shoots in 16:9 and as far as I can tell the DVX100b is just 4:3

    I've looked about and have seen you can get a 16:9 lense adapter for the DVX100b. Does anyone know a good place to buy one from and if their worth it.

    Secondly in the instruction manual the DVX100b talks about 'squeeze' mode as being used to make the footage widescreen. I am not going to get a chance to try this mode out at the min but does it give good results.

    Kind regards,


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    I would have assumed that the 'squeeze' mode is simply where the camera adds black bands to the top and bottom of the video. //

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    From what I can gather 'squeeze mode' doesn't add black bands but instead 'in camera' crops parts of the image and zooms in on the captured image, so you get a full screen image at a lower resolution in faux 16:9

    That could be total rubbish , I am gathering as much info as possible from the web

    If so , i'd to know if anyone has had any exp. in using squeze as a compliment to native 16:9 footage

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    Hi Starkie

    You are actually correct. My DVC's do exactly the same thing. It's called "faux 16:9" simply because the image is not wider than 4:3, just cropped top and bottom in the camera and then zoomed to full screen so you do get a slightly lower res image. However with the 1/3" chips in your camera it's still way above most SD TV resolutions!

    Panasonic actually make a 16:9 lense adaptor which indeed gives the same angle of view as any other 16:9 camera..squeeze mode is still used but the field of view is a 16:9 one not a 4:3

    You can also just shoot 4:3 and crop in your NLE but make sure that you de-interlace the video first otherwise the normal sized interlacing lines also become zoomed!!! Some say that the "in-camera" crop is better quality bit I cannot see any difference.


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