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Thread: Best way to create video e-mail and control background?

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    Default Best way to create video e-mail and control background?

    Is there any software that uses green screen and allows you to put whatever is on your desktop into the background of a video e-mail that you make?

    I want to control the content that is projected behind me while I create a video. Can you help? Thanks!

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    I've done a 'video email' before but I have recorded videos against both blue and greensscreens so I guess sending the file off as an email attachment wouldn't pose a problem. But that depends on your email service provider, who big are the attachments you are allowed to send? Any video editing program apart from Windows Movie Maker should be able to do chromakeying. If it's just a one of project you can download 30 day trials from all the popular company websites you see listed on this forum including Sony, Adobe and Pinnacle. Try each out for 30 days and you should get your project done in that time.

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