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Thread: HV40 - NTSC and PAL

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    Default HV40 - NTSC and PAL

    I believe that for a PAL user it doesnt make sense to buy HV40 as both HV30 and HV40 shoot 25p. And both are native 25p !! Am I right on that ?
    To repeat , is HV30's 25p the same as HV40's 25p (that both are in native mode or both have been pulldowned - If so what the use of HV40 in PAL ?
    Or does one have to do pulldown removal for 25p in HV30 and its native in HV40 ? If thats the case then HV40 would be as useful in PAL as its in NTSC,
    and it would make sense to buy the PAL version of HV40 too.
    And does 25p give the same film look like 24p ? Or does 25p needs to be changed to 24p ?

    And can one use native 25p native and directly use it in Adobe Premiere, After effects without any modicfication, conversion, or encoding like one can with 24p ?

    Thanks for your thoughts on this...
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    The only diffrence between the HV30 and HV40 is that you dont have to do a pulldown with the 40.. What you can do with the 40 you can do with the 30. You wont notive a diffrence.

    Software Used:
    TGV Edius 6, TGV ProCoder 3, DVD Lab Pro. 2

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    24p mode is there only in the NTSC version of HV30/40. In PAL there is no 24p but instead there is 25p. So we do the pull down removal to 25p in HV30 PAL and use the native 25p in HV40 as it is for editing ? Am I right on that ?

    Would 25p give the same film look like 24p and can Tvs and PCs play 25p ?

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