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Thread: Rare opportunity to make a film about you and win 15,000

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    Post Rare opportunity to make a film about you and win 15,000


    Were writing because were reasonably sure your communities will be interested in this adventure because they practice the art of film making and social media, which are increasingly inseparable right now.

    Its not often a 333 year old brand that no one's ever heard of skips an entire era of traditional print and TV advertising and launches a user generated video ad campaign on Facebook. Also, how often does a brand ask people to make videos about themselves and their personal values rather than specifically about their products especially when it's trying to emerge from almost total obscurity? Oh, and theres a first prize of 15,000. Find out more about how this idea came about here Mornflake: The most unique internet video competition ever?

    This unique competition runs from 15th June to July 19th so if youre a film maker read the brief here Mornflake Video Competition - Video Competition and if youre a social media practitioner follow us on Twitter.


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    Hmmm... The cynic in me might say ...

    The Mornflake brand must feature in the video but in a product placement kind of way. We’re not looking for cheesy reasons why people should eat Mornflake oats.The best video creator will win a cash prize of 15,000.

    So in order for me to submit a viideo I have to go out and find and then either borrow or buy a packet or seven of Mornflake. That's one way of raising its profile, I suppose.

    A member of the Plain English Society might go into cardiac arrest at the sight of a "social media practitioner".

    And the pedant in me would certainly think that only an incompetent marketing person would use the word "unique" as a comparative (not in the post above, but follow the link to "The most unique internet video competition ever")

    On the other hand, if it's genuine, it sounds like a bit of harmless fun and at least you can be guaranteed views from the other competitors.

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    "You have to grant Morning Foods Ltd all ownership and distribution rights to your video content."

    After a list of laid-back and hip rules ,mainly about how the winner will get paid, there's this slipped in, then a few more hip lines about how they need that to show your video. Wrong. They don't need "all ownership and distribution rights " they just need your permission. By entering the competition and giving away "all ownership and distribution rights " the advertising agency can copy, plagerise, in fact do anything, with your video, even if you don't win.
    It actually means that you can't use your ideas on other contests or videos without their permission.

    It's up to you. Only one person can win but everyone who enters loses their rights to their own video. I'm not saying this contest is a con, I've no evidence to suggest that but this clause is a way to get a lot of material without paying a penny.
    Before the organisers say that this is a "standard" clause, it isn't. There are plenty of contests out there without these "everyone who enters gives us everything" paragraphs.
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    Oh my God.

    How many more bloody 'fantastic once in a lifetime opportunity that cant be missed unique' competitions for 'aspiring film makers' must we endure foisting their dull not unique at all contests on us? Jeez - can't marketing whizz kids playing with themselves in their 'we're so hip coming up with this idea' offices (or bedrooms) earn a living doing something bloody useful with their dull uninspired pathetic little lives? I for one am bloody sick of them. Not least because after trying once to sell this whizz bang idea we NEVER hear from them again. Arrrrgggggghhh - why can't the guys that polished off the last two hostages come and find the people that make these posts, drag them back to Iraq and do their worst to them?

    Edit. I'd just like to add I've never heard of bloody 'Moronarseflake'and if I do see them I won't buy them on principle now. Do they even sell 'em in the UK?

    Nuff said.
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    A rare opportunity... we are tripping over competitions on here as there are so many of them appearing every few weeks. Fuh.

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