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Thread: 1st timer! Need Help with Formats!!

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    Exclamation 1st timer! Need Help with Formats!!

    Hi guys, I've been a part-time editor for a little while - taking people's videos and editing for them. About a year ago I purchased a 2nd hand PD150 from the states (NTSC) to start learning to shoot for myself.
    In April a friend was getting married on a really low budget - so I offered to do the video, as it was a good opportunity to learn. Now we live in South Africa, so the format is PAL, I figured it shouldn't be an issue since most DVD players here will play NTSC discs and I could run a conversion from NTSC to PAL using premiere, if it was a problem.

    Another guy helping at the wedding insisted that it's always a good idea to have a backup shot, so he brought his small sony camera for me aswell. And it turns out I really did need the other shots - as the minister insisted that I be positioned in a certain place in order to see the couples faces - and then promptly (during the ceremony), cause the couple to spend most of the time facing the congregation and not me, instead!!

    But now this is the thing... the other camera is PAL. and... to add to my dilema! the guy had just recently bought it and had it set on Widescreen mode!!! which I only discovered when capturing the mpeg's from the HDD of the camera... cos it looked kindof squished when I played it in a normal window!

    Most of the footage of the entire day is done with my 4:3 aspect, NTSC, sony pd-150. The other camera (16:9, PAL) was only used for the ceremony - but has VERY VERY VERY useful shots. THat I REALLY NEED to use.

    So here are my questions:
    1. How do I change the 16:9 to 4:3 without the squishy look or any other lines or bars? (cos my regular 4:3 footage wont have it and I need to mix the shots).
    2. Once I've changed the widescreen, is it better to convert the PAL to NTSC and make an NTSC based dvd ... or ... Do I convert the NTSC to PAL??

    and HOW (either way)??
    - I've been doing some checking and some people mention using one program to change frame rate and another program to change the size and that the one should be changed before the other??
    Hope this isn't too muddled to understand... if ANYone can help me out - I'd TRUELY be greatful!


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    Just import the NTSC Footage onto a PAL timeline and premiere wil sort everyting out including the squished video. Post back with your results

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