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Thread: Am I not capturing my footage properly?

  1. Default Am I not capturing my footage properly?

    Hi everyone, I have had my Sony HVR V1U for few months now, and i was wondering if I was capturing footage correctly.

    Currently I only use normal MiniDV tapes shooting on 24P mode, so therefore in Final Cut Pro I go easy set up and under Use: i have DV-NTSC selected

    Then I just capture 'normally' from there, however whenever I drag my captured footage into my sequence, it always asks me if I want sequence setting to match the clip setting..I automatically hit yes, so from there my resolution is 720X480....

    am I doing anything wrong here/

    thanks for the help guys

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    yes. you're capturing as standard need to capture as hdv.

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    Under easy set up, select HD 720P rather than DV NTSC and you should capture as HD.

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