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Thread: lost cable for JVC GR-D31EK mini DV camcorder

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    Default lost cable for JVC GR-D31EK mini DV camcorder


    I've lost the cable for our mini DV camcorder, and need a new one desperately quick.
    The camcorder is GR-D31EK, and I need the cable which allows the footage transfer to a DVD/Harddrive recorder (not a PC).
    JVC UK site doesn't even have my camcorder on it. The US JVC site has: which looks the right thing.

    I would appreciate anyone pointing me in the right direction.



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    This is a standard mini jack to AV lead. You can get these cables from any decent electrical store. If you are in the UK try any branch of Maplins. If you are in the US try any branch of Radio Shack (or whatever they are called these days).

    Alternatively do a google on 'Mini Jack to AV Lead'

    Good Luck

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    Default Thanks

    Thanks for the prompt reply.

    Knew it would be something simple ... looked like a common lead.

    Maplins it is tomorrow then.



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    ive also lost a cable for the same camera,

    ive lost the USB cable, i cant seem to find anything that would fit,
    anyone know where i can get the correct USB cable for my video camera, i have lost of footage i want to put on the computer stacking up.

    appreciate the help.

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    Don't use a USB cable to transfer footage between a MiniDV camera and computer as Firewire is the de facto cable of choice. USB simply doesn't have the quality and will only carry pictures and not sound. Firewire on the other hand is designed specifically for video and audio transfer in one cable. Also all video editing software (correct me if I'm wrong) is designed to only operate with a firewire connection on your computer, be it laptop or desktop.

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