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Thread: Redering problem! IMPOSSIBLE?

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    Default Redering problem! IMPOSSIBLE?

    I have a video that I am rendering in Vegas 8 pro in 720x480 widescreen format with all the settings in best. I am rendering in MPEG2 format in 16:9. the problem that I am having is that the video is not coming out the same quality as it looks on the preview screen in vegas. It is blurry. It is like it is not holding the sharpen filter that I have on the video. I tried increasing the sharpening in vegas to where it shows obvious distortion and it only improves the quality minimally.

    Why is this doing this? I have 4 1 hour videos to render and it is doing this on all of them! The sharpening filter is not sticking!



    If you need anymore info just let me know.


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    Couple of things.

    What type of source footage do you have?

    What template are you using for your render?

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    the source is from a Sony HD SR12 shot in Sd mode. The template for rendering is a custom template with all the settings at best in 16:9 mode MPEG2 format. I could not get it to render correctly, so I pulled just the video clip out and rendered it in Corel studio 12 and then am dropping it back into Vegas for the final render for the rest of the layers. A major pain, but I could find no other way.

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    Why are you using Vegas if you have Studio 12 it has up to 6 layers and has enhance and sharpening filters that are programmable and key framed as well auto mode in the enhance filter, don't forget HD is upper field first so make your mpeg2 upper field as well, could it be in Vegas that you have to set key frames at the beginning and end of the clip you wish to sharpen.

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