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Thread: Processor upgrade advice needed

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    Default Processor upgrade advice needed


    I'm looking into upgrading my [slow] Pentium D 1.8Ghz to something that'll be able to edit AVCHD with relative ease. I'd prefer to spend as little as possible, and nothing above 150 is ideal at the moment.

    I'm also wondering what the performance would be if I got an overclockable motherboard and good memory and OC'd my current processor, how close the performance would be to a standard clocked Quad. I've heard that the Pentium D can be OC'd to over 3Ghz! Anyone have any experience with this?

    Thank yee!

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    Pentium D's overlcok brilliantly. i can get my pentium d to 3.6 ghz and it doesn't get very hot, it needs a vCore boast to keep it stable there but it is vfery easy to do.

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