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Thread: Musicians want entry to world of video

  1. Default Musicians want entry to world of video

    We want to make Pop Videos to promote our band & new album on the net, & fancy buying Sony Vegas Pro for all the editing effects.
    Could you help us with what sort of Camcorder we should be looking at? (budget for Cam around 500)
    The other consideration is will our PC be adequate (1.24Ghz Processor, 1.50Gb RAM, XP).
    We are musicians & video photography is a new realm that really excites us.


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    Hi Sarah....... Your PC is on boardering on the inadequate especially if you decide to get camera that outputs H.264 (AVCHD)MPEG4 files. These utilise the latest compression format but they are processor intensive. Cameras outputting MPEG2 files will mean you might just get by with your PC spec as it is. Ideally you need at least a core duo running at 2.6ghz or above with at least 2gb ram and a fast Hard Drive for MPEG2 files, and a quad core 2.6 ghz or above for (AVCHD)MPEG4 files. Check out Sony, Panasonic, JVC, Canon et al for further info.

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    Thanks harleyriv for your reply, confirming my suspicions about our PC.
    I've just checked my dad's computer & it's a 3Ghz Pentium 4 with 2Gb RAM, so slightly better if he'll let us use it! Buying a new PC will use all our Camcorder budget & more.
    Allison the singer is under the impression an older camcorder using Standard Definition format might be OK with such a computer, is that what you refer to as MPEG2?
    I'm sorry, we are currently complete novices!

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    You PC might be ok if you stick with SD, If you add a lot of effects and trasitions it could bogg your sytem down, Vegas is a great choice and you might be better off getting the vegas platnum at 1st. If you decide to upgrade to pro later you won't be out anything extra since you'll get a huge upgrade savings.

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    Thanks for your encouraging reply. I'm sure you guys get fed up with people pleading poverty yet still wanting everything.
    So my next question is are you able to suggest a camcorder we might use successfully?
    We have been looking but evrything seems to be HD & we're nervous of blowing all our money on something that wont do the job.
    (budget is around 500)
    We'll thank you all on our cd sleeve!!

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    You're very welcome.
    It really depends on what you're wanting. Do you already have a studio recorded cd and your wanting to do a music video. or are you planing on doing a live recording. The reason I ask is that the price range you have you most likely will not get a mic input. The onboard mic will not cut it. You might find an older second hand SD camera on ebay or other deals online.. Look for the biggest sensor and a mic input and minidv.

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    TGV Edius 6, TGV ProCoder 3, DVD Lab Pro. 2

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    Yes we have our cd, written & recorded over a year, all done at home on a pretty small budget for the quality we've achieved. A triumph of our own perseverance.
    It's given us the confidence & desire to now try the same thing with making videos to promote the songs.
    So no I guess we dont need an external mic for the camcorder we buy.
    We will look around & when we find anything that seems suitable , is it OK if we ask your opinion?

    Sarah & Allison

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    yeah, of course you can ask.. You'll want a external mic imput. I dont think you'll find one for the amount you have though. If you dont have a mic input then just lip sync to the cd.. film it 3 or 4 times getting close ups of each.. then sync it all together.. it'll look like you used more then one Camera and the audio will b better.. Plus you can be more creative and get outside shots.. Look at other music videos for inspiration.. Theres all kinds of cheats and tricks to get around things

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    TGV Edius 6, TGV ProCoder 3, DVD Lab Pro. 2

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    Thanks for your further advice.
    Well we have been looking on the net & it seems very difficult to find camcorders using Standard Definition & mini dv in the UK.
    We've found 2 Panasonic cams, one less & one more than what we imagined paying:
    Panasonic NV-GS330
    Panasonic NV- MD10000

    We be really grateful for an opinion as to whether these would suit our needs

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    I would look into the Canon HV20.. It'll will shoot both SD and HD.. So later when you make the switch to HD you wont need to do anything but switch the capture

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    TGV Edius 6, TGV ProCoder 3, DVD Lab Pro. 2

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