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    Im working on shortening an existing corporate video.

    I found that the sound on my final render has the voice a lil muffled and its difficult to hear. The background music is not very aggressive however. Its just mild and mellow music. I tried disabling the 3 basic audio track fx which are active by default except the equalizer and i tried hiking up the mids a little. But still the final rendered file doesnt contain a clear voice. How can i boost voice levels alone ?


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    if the music and vocals are in one track then your stuffed as the bits you want to boost are in music and audio, you need the original file which would have had separate music and vocal tracks.

    Was the sound OK on the original?

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    Yes it an avi with a stereo track with vocals and music all together. Its actually a final video which they made a long while ago. They just wanted me to shorten it a little and probably spruce it up a little too. It sounds the same in the original too. So i just wanted to boost the voice alone a little.

    What tools do you usually use to enhance specific frequencies other than the equalizer. Or in the equalizer at which bandwith should i raise levels ?


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    bump.........anyone ????

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