Hi Folks,
Firslty I want to admit I am a complete green horn when it comes to in depth technical issues, but would like to learn. I have read a lot about pulldowns and how it gives a film look. But I dont understand the actual working and theory behind it. I have a few basic queries

a) What does a pull down actually mean ? What does a removal of pulldown mean ?

b) Does removal of pulldown mean de-interlacing ?

c) whats the relation between de-interlacing and reverse telecine. And is de-interlacing needed to do reverece telecine. If so , why ?

d) Why is a pulldown required ? If camera can shoot at 24p what does a pulldown removal actually do ?

e) If I dont do the pulldown how will the footage look like and what kind of technical problem can one face - especially during editing ?

f) After removal of pulldown how would the footage look like ? And how would it behave ?

g) How would a interlaced footage compare as to a de-interlaced footage (does anyone have any samples of both). How can I make out that the footage is still interlaced or not - both by way of appearance and techincal data ?

h) Would it really give a film look ? Butwht the use of doing pull down or reverese telecine if we are not finally going to transfer the footage to film. would the difference in quality in video footage be noticeable ?

e) And whats the best method to remove pulldown, deinterlace and do reverese telecine on Adobe softwares (Premiere/AE) for PC ? I read many methods, but which is the best one ?

I know its a lot of questions. But I am trying to understand the actual theory behind deinterlacing and reverese telecine. Thanks for the help.