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Thread: Phantom power Mics for Zoom H2 or Edirol audio recorders ?

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    Default Phantom power Mics for Zoom H2 or Edirol audio recorders ?

    Can one use mics that use phantom power (like the Rode Shot gun), with audio recorders like zoom H2 or Edirol ?

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    Unfortunately not since neither the Zoom H2 or the Edirol R-09 have phantom power.

    The Marantz PMD660, Zoom H4 or Edirol R-04 do have phantom power but they are a lot more expensive. The best alternative is to go for the K6 range from Sennheiser which can be powered from an AA battery in the microphone itself. I've got the predecesssor, the K3 which runs off a small battery but, unfortunately, it's a specialised photo battery which is now difficult to find (and bloody expensive) for my H2 and R-04.

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    Yes you can - buy (or rent) a P48 phantom power supply. They come in mains or battery operated versions.

    Plug it between your mic and the recorder and off you go.

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    Yes i believe some preamps offer phantom power

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