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    Smile help please

    any body can tell me, which software used to creat this vedio [ame=]YouTube - pakistani wedding[/ame] , [ame=]YouTube - afghani wedding[/ame]

    plz tell me this is very good vedio and effects are so good. and also tell me the name of transitions used in this vedio and plugins.

    i will be very thankfulll.

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    Jawwwad.. Difficult to say, but I'd be jolly dissapointed if these were records of my wedding day!


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    jawwwad those two wedding clips are tacky rubbish. Poorly filmed andcut on a basic editor (I would hope) with excess use of flips and wipes, poor titles and generally cheap 'n' kitchy.

    Have a look at some other wedding videos, especially those from our forum members and you'll see what a decent wedding video can look like. This guy from Toronto is not someone you should be looking to copy!


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