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Thread: Rendering 2 Days !!

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    Default Rendering 2 Days !!

    I use a Canon HF100 and shoot videos to sell on my photography training site (link removed)
    I'm currently using Final Cut Express and fairly new to all this (9Months) so still learning.
    I have a 72 min 1280 x 720 movie outputting in H264 auto fps and restricted 1400 bit rate rendering.I have increased the saturation a little but that is all.It is taking forever to render and now estimates 2 days to finish (already run 15 hours and only 30% done) surely something is a miss here?
    I run new ish imac with 4 gigs ram and have 32 gigs free space.
    Any ideas my last HD took 14hours to render and that was same length so something is gotta be wrong.
    p.s These movies are sold as downloads
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    i think it's because you changed the saturation. if shot properly you shouldn't need to change anything like that.

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    Hi yes I think you are right.Capture looks fine until QT processes it then all my movies tend to look a little desaturated.Maybe upping the sat in Final Cut Express is a better option.
    Looking for some online training for all of this to help me along does anyone know of anything?
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