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Thread: JVC HDV-SD 720 60p

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    Default JVC HDV-SD 720 60p

    There are some details I don't know about this, but I'll ask with what I know and see what happens. I'm an editor trying to help a videographer.

    He has a not-new JVC camera and wants to shoot for slow motion. There is apparently a setting on the camera, something like HDVSD 720 60p, that he believes should be able to shoot twice as fast resulting in slow-mo at 29.97fps.

    Does anyone know anything about this setting and how it would be captured in Final Cut?

    I've never heard of this HDV-SD format before, and I'm not having luck googling it.

    Any help is very appreciated!

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    I think what your friend is wanting is 60i. 60i is basically 60 frames per second, at a lower verticle resolution. Any 60i clips can be deinterlaced and stretched to exactly twice its original length, to create smooth 30p.

    I'm not sure how you'd go about that in Final Cut, but I'm sure someone with more experiance than I have will see this thread before long.

    If it really is 720 60p, then all you'd need to do is time stretch it, so that it plays back at 30p.

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    I think the solution has been found. The mode of shooting is specific to the JVC 100u camera - it's not even on the regular 100. We used some 3rd party app to capture, then mpeg streamclip to make a quicktime file, then something else to re conform the file. Then that file goes into FCP and plays in slo-mo.

    I don't know the details but it appears to work. If anyone wants to know details, reply here and I'll try to get the full rundown.


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