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Thread: Render Help needed ASAP!!

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    Exclamation Render Help needed ASAP!!

    I have my FINAL project due in tommorow. Its the video i've just finished in Sony Vegas Pro 9. I dont have the most powerful laptop so its estimating 9+ hours to render I cant wait that long! I need it in .MOV format (QuickTime) with good quality so I was wondering if there was anychance at all anyone has Sony Vegas Pro 9, I send you the saved file and then you can render it for me and upload or email me it? I need it asap!!


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    ??????????????The saved file!? You would need all of the source material too. And then all of the paths would have changed. Meaning they need relinking....etc..etc..etc.

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    You could save again and select the option "save project media with file" (or something like that) which would save any media that you used with the .veg file. This would save relinking as Archie said, BUT the resulting folder, even if it was compressed with WinZIP, would probably be pretty big. Too big to send within your timeframe, unless you have a seriously quick internet connection. Not to mention the other person would have to send the rendered file back to you...

    You could try using a different encoder (one that would use multiple cores, if you have them), or maybe render at a lower 'quality', but a higher bitrate. Maybe even try the 'draft', or 'preview' renders, though these wouldn't be great quality.

    Edit: Ooops, I didn't look at when this thread was made. I guess it's too late now. Anyway, did you get it rendered in time?

  4. Talking MPEG Video Wizard best renderer?

    I find rendering using MPEG Video Wizard far quicker and smoother than Sony Vegas 8 Pro, the end results in my opinion are much better.

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