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Thread: My imported footage is windowboxed, and rendered like that as well (Mov. Studio 9)

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    Default My imported footage is windowboxed, and rendered like that as well (Mov. Studio 9)

    Hi, thanks for reading.

    I've got Vegas Movie Studio 9. I am making a Free-Running video.

    My camera (Sony mini DV camera, HC37E) records at 720x576. I think that's a 5:4 ratio.

    In Vegas, my footage gets windowboxed (pillarboxed AND letterboxed). Titles and transitions (basically all editor-generated media) are not windowboxed, they completely fill the screen.

    This happens in both the preview window and exported renders.

    On both youtube and windows media player, the footage bits have wide pillarboxes and thinner letterboxes. In fullscreen, there is no pillarboxing but there are just some thin letterboxes.

    Is this the way it needs to be, just because of the nature of my camera, or do I need to change some Vegas settings?

    Thankyou so much if you can help me. It took me 10 months to get all my footage and now I'm finally editing I've got pretty worried about this.

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    P.S. Something else, the pixel aspect ratio of my raw imported footage is 1.0926 (PAL DV). When rendering, it gives only two PAR options: 1.000 (square) or 1.333 (1080 HD)
    - Not sure if that changes things at all

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    It seems you may well have two problems.

    First your project settings not matching your source footage.

    Correct this by opening up the Project Properties window (Project->Properties).

    Click on the "Match Media Settings" button on the top right of the dialog.

    Choose one of your video files in the project and click on OK.

    Second you appear to be rendering out to HD (but you're using SD footage) - hence the two PAR options.

    Did you just do a "Make Movie" or did you choose "Render As"?

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    Thanks Andy.

    I've tried matching Project Properties but I don't think that does anything for it. From what I've seen in the immediate properties window it just resets it back to how it was (must have always matched the media by default) - the only setting it changes is the field order, back to "lower field first" (I had changed it to "none, progressive scan" because I thought that might be better).

    But that's just what I've seen on that window settings, might be worth a render to see what it does with the image size.

    I always choose "render as" and I look through all the settings.

    I don't think I've been rendering out to HD because I have always selected "keep original size" which makes it lock on to 720x576.

    I really appreciate your advice, the only other advice I've got so far is from Americans on the youtube help forum who don't understand what PAL is : S

    I've got my own hosting, would it be worth me making a render of a short loop region of the project, and a couple of screenshots of the render window / project properties settings along with it, to show you?


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    In the Project Properties window what does it show in the "Template" drop-down? It should be "PAL DV (720x576, 25.000 fps)"

    Next right-click on one of your video events that doesn't preview correctly and click on "Properties" and just double-check that the settings on the Media tab do correctly reflect PAL DV.

    When choosing "Render As" which template did you choose?

    It would certainly be worther posting screenshots etc as well as a short render. There are plenty of people here happy to help.

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    I cannot stress enough how grateful I am for this help.

    Here is a render and 5 screenshots:

    Index of /Parkour/NewVideoHelp

    The template drop-down is A-ok, like you put.

    The video events are refelecting PAL DV fine. Their PAR is 1.0926 (PAL DV) - should I try and change them all to 1.000 Square?

    See what you think of the screens and render I'm sure you'll see whats up.

    Another thing Andy (or whoever else is reading), I have tried rendering in 800x600 and 640x480 and in both those, the resultant aspect ratio is 4:3 and the video size fills up the screen fine.

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    Their PAR is 1.0926 (PAL DV) - should I try and change them all to 1.000 Square?

    No definitely not. That's the correct aspect ratio for your source footage.

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    Ok, understood about the PAR^

    So why do you think it is that the image doesn't fill the screen vertically and fill out a bit horizontally? It just seem like its wasting available space by windowboxing it like that.

    Even though exporting to 800x600 fixes this I'd rather keep it on its native RES for quality reasons and to avoid and distortion of the AR, stretching you know?

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    Oh another thing Andy, when I play the raw footage in Windows Media Player it fills out the screen more with only marginal letterboxes and narrower pillarboxes. I don't know what it is that running it through Vegas does, that makes the image smaller.

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    I'm wondering whether the letterboxing is there in the original footage (god knows why).

    What make of camcorder was used?

    If you render one of the clips out as DV-AVI, does it smart render - i.e. does "no compression required" appear in the preview window while that's happening? and is it still letter-boxed?

    If it is, try selecting the checkbox "Stretch video to fill output frame size" on the Render As dialog with your WMV output and see if that's solves the problem.

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